To help small businesses, non-profits and faith organizations in this challenging time, we’d like to offer three quick steps through which you can – Save money. Save energy. Save the planet.
  1. Turn off or turn down air conditioning and lighting in unoccupied spaces to avoid wasting energy and paying unnecessary costs.
  2. Check your electric bill to make sure that you are getting the best deal on electricity supplier rates and green power.
  3. Sign up for a FREE MassSave Energy Assessment to evaluate your current energy use, review efficiency recommendations, and get up to 100% off all approved energy-saving measures. 
    • Go to the campaign sign-in page.
    • Complete the requested information and select “Get Started”
    • IMPORTANT:  If the energy assessment is completed and a contract signed for recommended energy-savings measures by the end of August 2020, 100% of the costs can be covered.  Offer extended until October 15th!