Climate Is Everybody’s Business – Resources List

Take First Steps

Step One: Limit Unnecessary Energy Use

Turn off or turn down air conditioning and lighting in unoccupied spaces to avoid wasting energy and paying unnecessary costs. Unplug "energy vampire" appliances such as screens that use power even when turned off.

Step Two: Check Your Electric Bill

Use Brookline Green Electricity to choose 100% renewables. By purchasing locally generated renewable energy at stable, competitive rates, you’ll be supporting the Massachusetts workforce. Something as ordinary as paying your electric bill can have an extraordinary impact on our community.

Step Two: Get a Free Energy Audit

Mass Save provides free energy audits for business as well as residential. They will tell you what energy upgrades are useful and will analyze your building for improvements. They provide a list of certified contractors so that you can get competitive pricing for any work you plan to do. Here’s the link to find out more about what they do and how to contact them.

Town Guidelines

State and Local Regulations

Fact Sheet on Plastic Bag use in Brookline:

Fact Sheet on Food Containers and Packaging (including straws):

Brookline Green Electricity:

Find out About Rebates

Rebate information from Eversource:

Rebate information from MassSave:

Note, for example, that there are MassSave rebates for mini-splits that are particularly generous for businesses who have oil, propane or electric heating.

Rebate information from DSIRE (Database of State Incentive for Renewables & Efficiency)

A comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. Enter your zip code for details on programs available in your area.

Shopping for Solar, for Appliances, for Heating Systems

Energy Sage

Provides a way to learn about solar and to get multiple quotes from qualified installers.

Energy Star for appliances

A joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy that evaluates appliances, for example air conditioners, for efficiency.

Energy Star for businesses:

Energy Star - Air Sealing and Insulation:

Background on air sealing and insulation, and "how to"

United States Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping background, and "how to"

Office Supplies:

Have a roof that needs maintenance? Use MassCEC's free commercial advisor service:

A consultant paid by MassCEC will help you look at appropriate sizing, costs and savings of solar, active installers in their area that will give them proposals, how to evaluate proposals that come in, and even storage.
Also helpful is their web page where you can search by your county and size of installation, and see what solar installers do the most business in your area.
Does your business use lots of hot water (e.g. hotels, multi-family buildings, laundromats)? You should investigate solar hot water. Rebates are available from MassCEC for solar hot water.


Amazon Books - Energy Conservation in Small Business

General Information

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

GRT (The Green Roundtable, Inc.)

Independent non-profit organization whose mission is to mainstream green building and sustainable design and become obsolete.

NESEA (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association)

Advances the adoption and practical application of sustainable, low carbon energy practices through a number ongoing programs and annual events.

Especially for Faith Organizations

Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light

Especially for Restaurants

Green Restaurant Association: